The frisch-saftig-steirisch Apple Growers

Picked by hand fresh into your fruit bowl. The apple’s journey begins on the fruit farmers’ trees! 

Our hundreds of fruit growers and their families do a great job! The smallest farms are just one hectare in size and the biggest more than 40 hectares. 

On average a fruit-growing establishment is about 5 hectares in size. From blossom to bite, a great deal of time and effort is invested to do justice to the world-renowned "frisch-saftig-steirisch” apple.
Every apple is picked by hand, carefully laid into a picking basket, so that it doesn’t get bruised or damaged, and then delivered to storage halls in large crates.

In all the different fruit-growing procedures, one question is always foremost for the producers: what is important for the flavour, the aroma and the apple’s storage qualities? Find out more about the Styrian apple farmers!
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