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Apples for every taste!

The frisch-saftig-steirisch apple has a variety for every taste.
It is available in ten different varieties, which differ in colour, shape, size, texture and flavour.
We would like to introduce you to the individual varieties – what they look like, how they feel, how they taste, and which other foods they go well with.

If you would like a summary of our different varieties, you can download our variety folder!

For those in a hurry, we have developed an apple finder, where you can find out your personal favourite in just 4 easy steps. Click here!

The frisch-saftig-steirisch apple varieties

From the juicy Gala and the aromatic Golden Delicious to the tangy Kronprinz Rudolf, we have an apple for everyone’s taste. 

Small to medium sized spherical fruit with pale yellow background colour and bright red to dark red striped blush. Crisp, juicy and very sweet flesh.

Medium sized to large, tall, barrel shaped fruit with greenish yellow background colour. It has a brick red to dark red partly striped, partly washy blush. Extremely firm, crispy, light flesh, refreshing aroma with a pleasant sugary-tangy balance. 

Large to very large, light, tall with yellowy green background colour and light to dark red striped, lightly scented blush. Firm and crispy with juicy, sweet flesh. Occasional waxiness is evidence of this apple’s very high sugar content.

Small to medium sized, round to tall fruit with yellow background colour and strong bright red blush. White to creamy, fine textured, very juicy flesh. Very pleasantly fruity, mildly tangy taste.

Medium sized round fruit with greenish yellow background colour and bright red to washy red blush. Yellowy, fairly firm flesh with a tangy fruity aroma. 

Medium to large apple with rounded, slightly flattened shape. It has a yellowy green, whitish yellow background colour and a bright, dark red striped or washy blush. Firm, fine textured, white to pale pink flesh with fairly sweet, subtle aroma. 

Medium sized, tall, slightly conical fruit with greenish yellow to golden yellow background colour, friendly bright red blush. Sweet, tangy, coarse grained firm flesh. 

Medium to large, tall fruit with greenish yellow to golden yellow background colour. Yellowy, firm, juicy, crispy flesh, sweet aroma and slightly tart. 

Large, evenly proportioned and tall fruit with greenish yellow background colour and with orangey red to carmine red striped. Loose, juicy flesh with a balanced sweet-mildly tangy taste. 

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