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Who? How? What?

The frisch-saftig-steirisch apple economy is a sophisticated system, setting standards on a world-wide scale and making highest quality apples available all year round. Get to know all the actors here and have a look behind the scenes of our sustainable apple production! 


"frisch-saftig-steirisch” is the Austrians’ favourite fruit brand and has stood for more than a quarter of a century for highest quality apples. Learn more about the company here as well as the history and the background of this successful Austrian brand. 

Styria & Styrian Quality

Find out all about the land, the soil and the climate here, from which the original frisch-saftig-steirisch apple comes.

The frisch-saftig-steirisch 
Product Groups

The frisch-saftig-steirisch fruit farmers produce a whole range of other fruity treats. Find out all about the range of fruit on offer from our producers here!

The frisch-saftig-steirisch Team

Who are the faces behind frisch-saftig-steirisch? What do they do, what are they responsible for and how can you get in touch with them? Click here, to find out all about the team that has made the quality apple the focus of their lives.

The frisch-saftig-steirisch apple growers

They are role models for apple-growing around the world: the frisch-saftig-steirisch apple growers.  Find out here all about these exceptional people, who work hard to get the best they can out of the Styrian soil and climate.

The frisch-saftig-steirisch Apple Marketers

For the apple to find its way to you, the frisch-saftig-steirisch apple marketers must make sure that their packing houses offer perfect storage and logistical conditions. Click here to get to know the businesses, that make your favourite apple available all year round!

The frisch-saftig-steirisch Partner Businesses


Where would the frisch-saftig-steirisch apple be without the right partners. Click here to get to know the businesses, that work in the frisch-saftig-steirisch field.

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