All about frisch-saftig-steirisch!

The organisation behind the successful brand names "frisch-saftig-steirisch” and "Von Herzen Biobauern Österreich” is OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH which is based in Wollsdorf.

OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH is a cooperative recognised according to the EU market regulations for the production of apples, pears and damsons in Austria. 

As a consequence, about 600 apple growers from eastern, western and southern Styria hold a 65 percent majority in apple-growing in all of Austria and produce roughly 130,000 tons of apples every year. 60 percent of the apples are exported. 

The most important export countries are currently:
Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Spain and South-East Europe. Also Russia, Northern Africa and the Near East love the taste of "frisch-saftig-steirisch” apples. 

Who is OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH? 

OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH stands behind the brand name "frisch-saftig-steirisch”, and as a cooperative coordinates and monitors everything to do with the apple production and the brand name "frisch-saftig-steirisch”. 

History of OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH

OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH was founded in 1994 in preparation for Austria joining the EU (on 1 January 1995). In the beginning production was 58,000 tons of apples – in the meantime it is more than double that! Due to the heavily increased demands on the market it has been necessary to expand the OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH team as well as expanding production over the years. Fields such as quality management, production, marketing, PR, accounting or IT have become the cornerstones of the organisation. In the export field a strong partner has been found – EVA which currently exports the "frisch-saftig-steirisch” apple to more than 30 countries worldwide.  

OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH company information

Commercial register no:
FN 104427W

Regional court for civil law matters in Graz (Landesgericht für ZRS Graz)

VAT no.
ATU 39119306

Company headquarters
8181 St. Ruprecht/Raab, Austria

Managing Director
Martin Pfeiffer

Our Brands  

This brand name may only be used by those marketing companies and fruit growers who declare in writing that they will keep to the rules and regulations set out by OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH concerning the brand name:
  • controlled production according to environmentally-friendly production methods (IP = integrated production)
  • product safety (traceability, diverse national and international official care seal, etc.)
  • uniformly defined quality conditions and quality regulations (only for domestic products, only for quality class I, uniform sorting, uniform ripeness and colour grading, minimum size, etc.)

Von Herzen Biobauern Österreich
The organic product range for environment and health- conscious consumers.
VON HERZEN BIOBAUERN is the label for organic fruit from Austria. In addition, it stands for a whole new way of marketing Austrian organic products, as the VON HERZEN BIOBAUERN organic farmers are directly involved in sales and marketing for the organic community. This is unique and offers the consumers the possibility to do more for the development of local and organic farming. 

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